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Fully Immersive VR
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Hologate Blitz is the ultimate Virtual Reality motion simulator. This premium product provides luxurious comfort, unparalleled quality, and durable enough to absorb multiple hits from a laser blaster. Fully immerse yourself in magical worlds filled with fire breathing dragons, epic space battles, and futuristic racers.


Game Night has the latest and greatest VR experience

Hologate Blitz and Hologate Arena are the future of what a Virtual Reality experience is supposed to be. Step out of your reality and into ours at Game Night Lounge. Come in and experience our completely immersive games. You've never seen anything like this!!!


Our Approach

Our Vision Of Family Fun

Games bring people together and build strong interpersonal connections over a fun and challenging shared experience. We offer guests of all ages the chance to enjoy our many entertainment services and contactless dining in a safe and fun-filled environment. At Game Night Lounge, your satisfaction is our ultimate priority, and our goal is to make sure that you have the best time on your visit. Stop by today and see what we have to offer. Whether you are interested in casual gaming, competitive esports, or a variety of table-top gaming experiences, Game Night Lounge is the place for you and your family.


So much more than a gaming center

We are all about connecting at Game Night Lounge and we don't just mean to the internet. We have set out to create the ultimate family gaming experience. Join us for dinner to connect over a meal and a board game. Nothing beats getting the family together for Game Night!


We didn't forget about table-top gaming!

From Magic the Gathering to Dungeons & Dragons and everything between.

With our open concept, sizeable building, and spacious tables, Game Night Lounge provides you and your friends the perfect location for tournaments, events, starting new quests together or continuing to discover long forgotten realms. Begin a new adventure today!


Upcoming Events

October 11th-October 17th

Fortnite Solo's Tournament

Join us for our progressive prize pool Fortnite Solo's Tournament! Registration opens September 27th. Tournament will be held @ Game Night Lounge. Register and see full event details and rules at Fortnite Solos ... | Details (

If you are interested in a future in Esports, Game Night Lounge is the place for you! We can't wait to see you!


Game Night Hours

Never Miss A Chance To Connect

Monday - Wednesday: 3 pm - 10 pm

Thursday 3 pm-10 pm

Friday 3 pm-12:30 am

Saturday 12 pm-12:30 am

Sunday 10:30 am-10 pm

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